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Hometown Heroes in Education: Ismael Castillo

Heroes are ordinary people who take extraordinary and courageous actions. California Aeronautical University would like to celebrate those who take heroic steps to reach their dreams and who serve as role models for their communities.

Guided by English teacher, local athlete pursues an aviation education

Ismael Castillo
Ismael Castillo

When it came to deciding where to attend college, Ismael Castillo wasn’t sure which direction was right for him. Guided by his English teacher, Ismael went over his career choices and realized he could make a career out of his longtime passion of aviation. 

Encouraged by his teacher and his family, he chose to apply to California Aeronautical University (CAU) so he could pursue a career as a professional pilot.

As a cross country runner and football player at Alhambra High School, Ismael is used to putting in hard work to reach optimal results and achieve personal growth. Having won a leadership award, he also strives to lift others up with him, including his younger siblings and classmates.

These characteristics will come in handy with CAU’s rigorous, fast-paced curriculum that enables students to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and several FAA pilot certifications in about three years.

Ismael graduates from Alhambra High School in May 2022 and has been accepted to attend California Aeronautical University this August. Ismael was accepted into the Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and hopes to take advantage of the multiple regional airline and industry partnerships.

Ismael enjoys spending time with his family and friends, recently started learning American Sign Language (ASL), and hopes to encounter new life experiences at CAU.

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