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California Aeronautical University Meets Strict Regulations to Receive FAA Part 141 Approval in San Diego

Demonstrates high-quality training | Provides significant benefits to students

California Aeronautical University (CAU) is proud to announce its San Diego Flight Center recently received FAA Part 141 approval. This long-awaited recognition demonstrates the high-quality flight training CAU offers to its San Diego County students, and enables the University to provide a significant flight-hour benefit to eligible flight students.


What Is FAA Part 141 Approval?

Awarded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Part 141 approval signifies that CAU has met strict federal regulations in regards to its flight training curriculum, training facility, and flight instructors, and that the University provides a structured flight training program. This approval helps each student receive consistent, high-quality instruction, and enables students to meet important flight milestones, like their first solo flight, within a designated time period.

Additionally, Part 141 approval allows most CAU graduates to benefit from a 250-500 flight-hour reduction when seeking their ATP certification and reduces the minimum age to become a first officer. While candidates typically need 1,500 flight hours and must be at least 23 years old to be eligible for their ATP, CAU graduates can qualify for a restricted ATP with only 1,000-1,250 flight hours at the age of 21.

These benefits put CAU graduates in the pipeline for jobs much quicker than other candidates, including positions as first officers at regional airlines. The San Diego Flight Center is CAU’s most recent location to receive Part 141 approval. The University’s main campus in Bakersfield and Flight Center in Ventura County previously earned Part 141 approval. The Flight Center in San Diego County offers several aviation-related degree programs, including a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics and an associate’s degree in aviation studies. Financial aid and tuition reduction programs are available to those who qualify, and this location accepts military and veteran’s benefits.

Applications are now being accepted for CAU’s fall class. To learn more, visit


About California Aeronautical University

California Aeronautical University prepares students for exciting careers in aviation. The University offers aviation-related training and degree programs from its unparalleled purpose-built flight training facility at Bakersfield International Airport and its two flight training centers, in Ventura County at the Oxnard Airport (KOXR) and San Diego County at the Montgomery Field Airport (KMYF). Working diligently to expand its reach, the University now offers a helicopter emphasis at its new campus at Falcon Field Airport (KFFZ) in Mesa, Arizona. The University has developed career opportunities for its graduates with airline and aviation partners across the nation. For information, visit or call (661) 615-5915.

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