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The Role of the FAA

The Role of The FAA

Nearly every entry on this blog has mentioned, or at least linked to, the Federal Aviation Administration. There’s a reason for that: It’s the governing body of American aviation. Every aspect of every US flight, from who may climb into the cockpit to pre-flighting to tower communication to cruising, landing, and putting the airplane to bed, is governed by the...

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Aviation From Hobbyist to Career

Aviation: From Hobbyist to Career

The aviation industry is undergoing many changes at a rapid rate, and it’s an exciting time to transfer a passion or hobby regarding aviation into a career. It’s easy to assume that the only place this can happen is in the cockpit, but occupations abound for those who love the world of airplanes and aeronautics. No matter what kind of...

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What is an Aviation Dispatcher

What Is Aviation Dispatch?

Aviation dispatch is a vital aspect of the aviation industry. It is also known as flight following, flight dispatch, or flight operations (or “flight ops” within the industry.) The title “Flight Handling Officer” is most often used in Europe. Airlines, both regional and major, rely upon them to help individual flights safely depart and reach their destinations. Usually, they have...

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Masters In Aviation Science

Why Get A Masters In Aviation Science?

You’ve probably seen ads in pilot publications or social media platforms touting the virtues of graduate programs in aviation. While many options can help boost your career, this post focuses on the many benefits of earning a Masters in Aviation Science (sometimes also called “aeronautical science.”) In general, people who have a Masters degree out-earn those with a high school...

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Decision to Pursue Aviation as a Career

Making the Decision to Pursue Aviation as a Career

If you’re at all involved in aviation, you’ve likely heard about a worldwide pilot shortage. For years, low paid first officers, corporate pilots, and flight instructors struggled mightily to make a living as pilots. Now, with salaries at last beginning to rise, some hobbyist pilots are beginning to consider making aviation their career. Before you start flinging resumes at every...

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