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Practicing Touch and Gos

What is a Touch and Go?

Many instructors compliment their student pilots’ learning sessions in the cockpit with some touch-and-goes, but some CFIs do not think the practice actually contributes to proficiency and safety. However, experienced pilots sometimes turn to this practice drill because can be a good way to get used to a new aircraft. Sometimes you might see a few at airshows. They can...

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Air Traffic Patterns

How Do Air Traffic Patterns Work?

Competent and professional contact with air traffic controllers is a weak area for even experienced pilots. Working in air traffic patterns is a basic part of life for student pilots, but it’s an important reality of aviation life that should be continually considered. While managing all the systems in the cockpit and making constant decisions about airspeed and altitude, it’s...

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How Does Altitude Affect Flying

How Does Altitude Affect Flying?

The basics of altitude seem like the most basic aspect of flying: As long as you’re in the air, isn’t that good? But working with the realities that come with different altitudes are much more complicated. To become a truly efficient and safe pilot, you should understand how various altitudes affect flying, as well as the decisions you must make...

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Tips for Brand New Pilots

Four Tips for a Brand New Pilot

Welcome to your private pilot’s certificate. Many people say they’d like to learn to fly, but aren’t prepared for the sacrifice and diligence completing the course of study requires. Earning your private pilot certificate takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and time, so it’s a tremendous accomplishment. If you’ve passed your check ride as well as your written exam,...

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Cessna 172 Skyhawk - Pilot Training

What Makes the Cessna a Quintessential Training Aircraft?

The Cessna 172, called the Skyhawk, is by far the most common training aircraft at flight schools in the US.  A well-balanced airplane with qualities that translate well to other aircraft, it’s a solid choice for student pilots. Several factors have contributed to the popularity of this stable and reliable flying machine.   The Skyhawk: Most Produced Aircraft Ever The...

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