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CAU scholarship opportunity

Minter Field Airport District AeroCamp Scholarship

Minter Field Airport District will award a $725 scholarship to 3 Kern County residents for Summer AeroCamp at California Aeronautical University Minter Field Airport recently announced its “Minter Field Airport District Scholarship,” a $725 scholarship awarded to three Kern County residents who attend California Aeronautical University’s summer aviation camp, AeroCamp. As a Kern County partner who shares California Aeronautical University’s...

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Oxygen for passengers in small planes

Why Small Planes Don’t Have Oxygen for Passengers & Pilots

Oxygen (O2) is the most vital of the gases that comprise our atmosphere.  The typical percent of oxygen in breathable air is 20.9%, although we can live with as little as 19.5%.  That’s a small spread.  And it’s not just the percent of oxygen that is important:  It is the pressure of the air, and the oxygen within that air,...

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Pilot communications

Pilot Communications

Let’s begin with this:  You can be a terrible communicator as a pilot, make every mistake I’m about to describe, and still have a safe and comfortable flight.  There is considerable finesse in handling pilot communications properly, but it is not the end of the world if you have flaws in your technique. Pilots are trained to use very specific...

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Preflight Checklist - Cal Aero

Airplane Preflight

Pilots are taught that they must check out an airplane with great care before taking to the air with the machine.  This process is called a preflight.  But what goes on during a preflight.  Does a pilot walk-up and kick the tires and peer into a gas tank to make sure there’s enough then start ‘er up and head for...

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Survival Guide for New Student Pilots

Aviation is a world of its own.  For new students aspiring to become pilots, starting flight training can be much like learning a brand-new language.  We asked our flight instructors and Director of Flight Training to give us their tips for new students.   Early is on time. On time is late.In the world of flying, things are always changing....

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