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Learning To Fly In San Diego

The Best Parts of Learning To Fly in San Diego

Learning to fly in any geographic area holds its own benefits and challenges. Choosing the place to take your flight training means learning to turn these challenges to your advantage as a student pilot. San Diego is an ideal place to learn to fly because not only does it present many advantages, any challenges it has to offer are to...

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How To Become An Air Traffic Controller

How to Become an Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic control (ATC) is complex work which requires fast thinking, ability to judge spatial relationships, situational awareness, and attention to detail. They are essential to keeping the world’s airways safe. Often mistaken for air marshals, airport employees who wave aircraft into place at terminals, air traffic controllers are responsible for much more. Good air traffic controllers have an even temperament...

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Airline Industry Hiring Opportunities

Airline Industry Hiring Opportunities: Then and Now

The airline industry offers many exciting career opportunities which range throughout the salary scale. If the goal is to simply work around airplanes, the current economic climate and shifting expectations regarding student loans means that many paths are open. As long as certifications, logged hours, and background checks are in order, a career in the airline world is possible for...

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Biggest Breakthroughs in Aviation 2

The Biggest Breakthroughs in Aviation History, Part II

In the first part of this series, we discussed the importance of the Wright Flyer, maintaining control over the surfaces of an aircraft, the use of airplanes as a weapon, the rise of monoplanes, and finally the technological leap of the first instrument flight in 1929. This brings us to the brink of the Second World War and the jet...

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Aviation History - Wright Brothers

The Biggest Breakthroughs in Aviation History, Part I

Air travel and transport are so interwoven in our everyday existence that it’s difficult to imagine life without it. But at one time, aviation was considered an impossibility, then a dangerous stunt, then a luxury. It’s since transformed the human experience and connected the planet in ways not thought possible. The history of man and sending objects aloft can be...

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