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Aircraft Axes Pitch Yaw and Roll - California Aeronautical University

The Basics of Aircraft Axes: Pitch, Yaw and Roll

While in the process of accomplishing a private certificate, pilots delve into the intricacies of aeronautics throughout ground school. It is important to learn about and understand aircraft axes and the basic forces imposing themselves on an aircraft along with how to work with them, rather than against them. Pilots who do so are safer in the skies, more guarded...

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Aviation Ground School at CAU - California Aeronautical University

What Is The Importance of Aviation Ground School?

Aviation ground school serves several important purposes for new and long-professional pilots. Even pilots with thousands of hours undergo a form of ground school when working on an additional certificate or type rating in an airplane which is new to them. Whether taken online at the student’s own pace or under the guidance of an in-classroom Certified Flight Instructor (CFI),...

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Pilot Maneuvering a Short Field Takeoff - California Aeronautical University

How to Nail a Short Field Takeoff

Truly understanding how to execute a short field takeoff is one of the markers that separates a beginner pilot from an experienced one. The ability to safely demonstrate a short field takeoff is expected of pilots holding a Commercial certificate, as this indicates that he or she can demonstrate precise control of the aircraft even when taking off in conditions...

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Navigating the Skies - How Pilots Navigate In The Air - California Aeronautical University

Navigating the Skies

On the ground, we are able to make our way from Point A to Point B by knowing where to turn on roads, guided by maps, GPS, or memory. Even while traversing areas in which roads aren’t available, backpackers find their way by using a compass to point them in the right direction. But how does this apply in the...

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