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Private License - California Aeronautical University

You Got Your Private! Now What?

For those eager to climb as far as they can in aviation and are considering a career in the cockpit, the path is clear. These vocation-oriented pilots are quick to reach for the next step, and some train for ratings and endorsements concurrently. However, deciding what to after getting your private might not be so easy for everyone, particularly with...

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Crosswind Landing - California Aeronautical University

4 Considerations of a Crosswind Landing Every Great Pilot Should Know

A crosswind landing can be stressful and difficult, here are four considerations that every great pilot should know. Inexperienced pilots sometimes fly in dread of a crosswind landing.  Sometimes experienced aviators prefer to avoid them. Such extreme conditions are usually rare, however, and safe pilots tend to avoid such landing situations to begin with. Professional...

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Crew Resource Management - California Aeronautical University

Sky Safety: Understanding Crew Resource Management (CRM) In Aviation

Crew Resource Management (CRM) is a little-known aspect of aviation within the general public. However, it is as vital as checking the weather and conducting a pre-flight walkaround. Crew resource management focuses on strong decision-making skills, problem solving techniques, and effective teamwork to improve the safety culture within a flight. Whether on a military transport,...

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Flight Dispatcher - California Aeronautical University

How Do You Become a Flight Dispatcher?

Many careers in aviation are possible without ever climbing into a cockpit. If you're looking to begin an aviation career, follow these steps to become a flight dispatcher. The most well-known job associated with aviation include people passengers see the most, such as pilots, flight attendants, and gate agents. Most people are also aware of the importance of ramp crews,...

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Aviation Law - California Aeronautical University

The Importance of Aviation Law in an Aviation Degree

Students who are earning a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics or a similar aviation-related degree might be surprised to find that a course in aviation law is required to complete their BS. Isn’t that just for lawyers or law school students? The longer a student flies, the more he or she understands the importance of having at least some knowledge of...

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