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Choosing Pilot Training Programs - California Aeronautical University

Choosing the Right Pilot Training Programs to Meet Your Aviation Goals

A simple internet search for “pilot training” can yield an enormous number of results. The sheer amount of possibilities can seem overwhelming, and student pilots who are new to aviation might not be sure as to what to look for in a pilot training programs. Smaller flight schools are available, along with large facilities, that offer degree programs concurrent with...

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Emergency Descent Procedure - California Aeronautical University

What You Should to Know About an Emergency Descent Procedure

Learning correct emergency descent procedures is vital for student pilots looking to master the art and science of flying. Student pilots must learn the basics of the emergency descent procedures of the airplane they are learning to fly. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires this as part of a student’s basic flight education for the...

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Using a Flight Simulator - California Aeronautical University

4 Benefits of Flight Simulator Training When Learning to Fly

Flight simulator training is a valuable tool that students can utilize to build flight time, improve technique, and learn valuable lessons. Many student pilots are surprised to learn that they can add hours to their flight time without ever leaving the ground. Although it does not count as pilot in command time, flight simulator training is valuable to new as...

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Instrument Flying - California Aeronautical University

Why Is Instrument Flying Important?

Instrument flying is a critical step for pilots looking to fly for hire, but what is the instrument rating and why is it important? Pilots who want to spend their career in the cockpit usually begin training for their instrument rating immediately upon earning their private certificate. Many also train for it concurrently to speed the process along. The instrument...

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Aircraft Weight and Balance - California Aeronautical University

Aircraft Weight And Balance: How Do They Affect Flight?

Aircraft weight and balance play an important role in flight, and knowing these two factors can help ensure a safe and enjoyable flight. Some general aviation passengers are taken aback when asked how much they weigh as the pilot prepares for flight, or if the first officer takes a look at a pile of luggage and announces that some of...

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