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IFR Training - California Aeronautical University

Tips and Tricks to Stay Up to Date on IFR Training

For pilots, it is important to stay up to date on IFR training. These 3 tips can help every pilot keep their instrument rating skills sharp.  Flying by instruments alone in adverse weather conditions is not easy, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is well aware of the many challenges it presents. That is why the FAA demands...

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Airplane Speed - California Aeronautical University

Everything to Know About Airplane Speed

Airplane speed is much more complicated that many think. This guide discusses the types of speed, and how it affects takeoffs and landings. Airplane speed is simply how fast an airplane goes, right? Not necessarily. Student pilots spend some time learning about the different aspects of speed in aviation. It is always important to balance the speed capabilities of...

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Pressure Altitude vs. Density Altitude - California Aeronautical University

Pressure Altitude vs. Density Altitude: What’s the Difference?

Understanding pressure altitude vs. density altitude is an important factor in becoming a safe, well-rounded pilot. Many student pilots are confused by the difference between pressure altitude and density altitude. Understanding which is which will help you better understand the forces acting upon your aircraft; a well-educated pilot can then adjust accordingly, especially depending on the weather and...

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How Do Jet Engines Work - California Aeronautical University

How Do Jet Engines Work?

Pilots must have a strong understanding of every aspect of an airplane to ensure a safe and efficient flight. This guide explores the question: how do jet engines work?  For those born into the jet age, it is easy to take this technology for granted. Even when on a jet, long journeys such as from Florida to Hawaii can...

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Aviation Careers - California Aeronautical University

4 Frequently Asked Questions About Aviation Careers

After graduating from aviation school, there are many aviation careers that you may pursue. Here are 4 common questions about finding the right career for you. There is a whole know world to explore for those who are interested in an aviation career, but who have not grown up in the industry or may not be familiar...

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