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Airplane Repair & Maintenance

How Are Airplanes Repaired and Maintained?

It’s easy to think of airplane maintenance as simply “fixing what’s broken.” But there’s much more to than that to keeping an airplane healthy and in flying condition. Before you step into the cockpit or passenger’s seat, there’s a lot to think about regarding the airplane’s maintenance status. Maintenance needs are different depending on the type of aircraft, how long...

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What Goes Into Prepping For Departure

What Goes Into Prepping for Departure?

A smart pilot’s departure begins long before he or she climbs into the cockpit. One of the most important aspects of becoming airborne takes place before the airplane is anywhere near the runway. Pilots must be sure to follow each step of preparing for departure carefully and with attention to detail. Doing so not only helps to ensure a safe...

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Navigating Airports from Big to Small

Navigating Airports from Big to Small As a Pilot

Some student pilots think the toughest part of flying is simply staying aloft. However, the mechanics of taking off and landing at an airport extend far beyond the aeronautics of the matter. Outside of checking the weather, filing a flight plan, and assessing the airworthiness of your airplane, there are many decisions to be made and a wealth of factors...

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What is The Pilot Shortage - Pilot Crisis

What Is the “Pilot Crisis” I Keep Hearing About?

Pilots who begin flight training with the goal of making a living in the cockpit are in a much better position to do so than those with similar plans about 20 years ago. Post 9/11 and the economic struggles which followed, becoming a pilot was difficult. In fact, less than a decade ago, if someone was lucky enough to score...

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What Kind of Speeds do Different Kinds of Airplanes Reach

What Kind of Speeds do Different Kinds of Airplanes Reach?

To understand the kinds of various speeds airplanes reach, it’s important to also understand how airspeed is measured in aviation and what it means for you as a pilot. Remember that atmospheric conditions, temperature, the weight of the aircraft and its cargo, and other factors all come into play when discussing the speed of an airplane. For example, most passenger...

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