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How Weather Affects Flying

How The Existence of Weather Impacts Flight

Since aircraft operate in a three-dimensional environment, sailing in the ocean of air called the atmosphere, it is critical for pilots to understand how the weather affects flying through that ocean.  From the very beginning of training, pilots learn how to read meteorological reports, interpret weather depiction charts, and analyze forecast discussions to create a mental picture of the conditions...

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Becoming a flight instructor

The Path To Becoming A Flight Instructor

Being a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) is a tremendous responsibility. Before becoming a CFI, one must ask oneself if he or she really wants to teach, or if the CFI certificate is simply as a means to build flight time and experience towards the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate and/or another job requiring more hours than the Commercial Pilot certificate....

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Flight Dispatcher

What Does a Flight Dispatcher Do?

In the airline and air charter world, a flight crew is not alone in accomplishing their work.  Besides the flight attendants caring for the passengers, the mechanics making sure the aircraft is in good working condition, the ground crew loading the baggage and cargo, and air traffic controllers guiding the flight through the air, there is another unseen yet equally...

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Airplane Maintenance Inspection

What Maintenance is Required to Keep Planes Safe & Sound?

Since flying is such a complex operation, the reality of maintenance on any aircraft type can seem daunting. However, by paying close attention to the aircraft’s operation and keeping track of flight hours, pilots can keep their airplanes flying for years. Military aircraft follow maintenance procedures and intervals which are similar to the civilian world. Here are a few aspects...

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Prep Work For Flying

The Prep Work for Learning to Fly: What Do You Need to Learn Before Ever Flying a Plane?

Becoming accountable for yourself in a cockpit, not to mention your passengers, is a serious responsibility. Before you leave the ground on your own, it helps to familiarize yourself with several concepts and realities of pilot life. For example, learning to fly involves a lot of math and science.  However, being a pilot doesn't require one to be a mathematician...

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