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Alpha Eta Rho Welcomes New Chapter from CAU

California Aeronautical University has announced its partnership with the Alpha Eta Rho aviation fraternity, creating the new Alpha Sigma Psi chapter of the fraternity after an official initiation ceremony on Thursday, January 18th.

Founded under the guiding principle of being a shining beacon for modern aeronautical education, CAU has decided to take its commitment a step further by allying with Alpha Eta Rho, combining their resources to provide a better environment for the passionate students and aspiring professionals taking their first steps towards a long career in the aviation industry.

This particular step towards establishing a relationship between the successful and growing college and Alpha Eta Rho, stems from a mutual interest towards providing a stimulating and qualitative environment for growth among CAU’s students, for the betterment of the aviation industry as a whole. The newly announced student officials for the Alpha Sigma Psi chapter of AHP for the year 2018 are:

  • Jacob Jepson as President
  • Jacob Gomez as Vice President
  • Gene McCuthin as Secretary
  • Robert Rudzitis as Treasurer
  • Franchesco Kilayko as Historian

What is the Alpha Eta Rho Fraternity?

Established at the University of Southern California in 1929, Alpha Eta Rho (AHP) is the oldest aviation fraternity in the world. Since 1929, AHP has had granted charters to more than 140 chapters at the most prestigious aviation colleges and universities – CAU included. Currently, Alpha Eta Rho recognizes over 60 active chapters in the United States, and throughout the rest of the world.

AHP strives to promote contact between the students of aviation and those engaged in the profession, while constantly improving aviation education and research in the field. As a professional fraternity, AHP strives to maintain and promote the highest moral standards and steadfastly affirms its membership to all, not dependent upon race, religion, nationality, or sex. The fraternal bond cultivated by Alpha Eta Rho fosters a professional and social atmosphere that not only enhances the collegiate aviation experience but also builds friendships and networking that will last a lifetime.

Unlike many other fraternities, AHP unites all professionals and aspiring professionals in the aviation industry to come together and share a commitment towards the improvement of the industry, and a commitment to a higher personal standard. AHP sheds the controversy of other fraternities by building a lifelong commitment among members to the integrity and quality of aviation.

As a non-profit volunteer organization, AHP’s goals are towards the collegiate experience, and the social and professional environment in aviation. By partnering up with AHP, CAU aims to provide their students the opportunity to network with other chapters throughout the world and thousands of alumni, to seek out the experience and the connections to build a place for themselves in the world.

Creating New Opportunities for Pilots in Bakersfield

Established recently after recognizing the need for fresh minds and bright, passionate pilots in the aviation industry, California Aeronautical University is spearheading the education and training of the next generation of aspiring and talented pilots in the region. After the aviation industry took a dip following a new rule regarding piloting qualifications, the need for updated and modern aviation training became more obvious than ever.

CAU fills that need with state-of-the-art facilities, brand new equipment, a large university campus in Bakersfield, CA, and room for well over a hundred aspiring pilots and aviation technicians. The school puts a focus on training its students to value safety and protocol. On top of being accredited multiple times, CAU is partnered with several notable airlines including SkyWest, Piedmont, Envoy, and Mesa Airlines.

CAU’s campus experience is designed to offer the best of the best, but its partnership with AHP shows that the school is taking its experience even further to ensure that the pilots coming out of Bakersfield get the best training and experience they can get. CAU and AHP both aspire to help students broaden their horizons and provide them with opportunities to do so, in and out of campus. Through this new partnership, both aspire to pave the way for new students in the aviation industry to go far and soar high.


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