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The Advantages of CAU’s Aviation Maintenance Program

Do you have an interest in aviation? Are you intrigued by the way all the parts come together to create an incredible flight through the sky? 

If you enjoy getting into the technical and mechanical aspects of how things work, then you may find aviation maintenance to be an ideal option for you. 

An Aviation Maintenance Technician can take on many different roles, but you can often find them diagnosing mechanical and electrical issues with aircraft, examining and replacing defective parts, repairing all aircraft components, keeping logs of maintenance and repair activity, and so much more. The specific tasks performed will, of course, depend on their specific position. 

California Aeronautical University offers an Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) Program that prepares students to get certified as Airframe and Powerplant (A & P) Technicians with the FAA. 


An Overview of CAU’s Aviation Maintenance Program

At CAU, students take courses that involve training in the repair and maintenance of various aircraft engines, hydraulic systems, powertrain systems, radio communications equipment, and more. They get up-close, hands-on experience with aircraft in a highly-equipped aeronautical training center. 

The Aviation Maintenance Program at CAU can be completed in about 17 months. You will even have the option to attend for an additional 5 months and earn an Associate’s Degree. Thanks to a partnership with Sonic Tools, each graduate of the program receives their own 263-piece Sonic Tools toolkit valued at $6,000. This may come in handy since many employers will expect their A & P Technicians to have their own tools. 

Upon completion, students of the Aviation Maintenance Program should be able to inspect, troubleshoot, service, and repair aircraft components and systems to meet the requirements of regulatory systems. Upon completion of the program as well as passing the FAA exams, the new A & P Mechanics can find a future career in any number of areas within the industry – and outside of it – including FBOs, major airlines, executive aircraft services, general aviation, manufacturers, and more. 

With many options for an Aviation Maintenance Program, why choose CAU? What sets us apart? Below are a few advantages of CAU’s Aviation Maintenance Program. 


Hands-On Training

Learning about aviation mechanics from a textbook can be incredibly useful for a career in aviation maintenance. You can learn about all the mechanical components and what creates an aircraft. You may learn about the ins and outs of the technology used within different aircraft. Maybe you will even learn how to troubleshoot specific issues that occur. 

It is always a good idea to have lectures and reading material to help you gain a deeper understanding of aircraft maintenance, as well as ask questions. Though, classroom learning is not the only way to secure aviation maintenance training. 

Hands-on training can allow you to get up-close to the aircraft. In other words, not only will you see what a component part looks like on paper, but you will see it in real life, too. This gives you more experience and can enhance your skills overall. 


Exposed helicopter from Aviation Maintenance Program - Cal Aero


Aircraft Maintenance Lab

When you are looking for training to help you become an Aviation Maintenance Technician, then you need to make sure that the program offers the right setting – one that is conducive to your learning and future success.

At CAU, our AMT students receive their training in the designated aircraft maintenance lab. This is found within a 32,000-square-foot hangar that is on the University’s on-airport main campus. 

Here you will find industry-relevant equipment needed for your training. There are electrical boxes, individual workstations, aircraft, and more. As a student, this setting can provide a great opportunity to practice the skills you are learning on real-life equipment.


Accelerated Program

If you have been searching through various available aviation maintenance programs, you have likely encountered many options requiring different amounts of your time for completion. 

At CAU, our program is accelerated. With year-round classes, students earn their AMT diploma in about 17 months – or an Associate’s Degree in about 22 months. 

That means you can be on the fast-track to a career as an A & P Technician. 


On-Campus Housing

Why not immerse yourself in aviation maintenance? When you do, you get the full experience of being able to learn about aviation, undergo training, enjoy a meal with those in the same program, and build connections for the future. It helps you to gain as much as possible with this fast-paced program. 

Moreover, living on-campus can help minimize distractions so that you can focus on what is important during this stage of your life – your training. 

You never know where your future career as an Aviation Maintenance Technician may take you. One day you may find that having a network of contacts can prove to be very beneficial in one way or another. Living at CAU gives you the opportunity to form these bonds. 


Your Own Toolkit

Tools can be costly. Depending on where you find yourself working, you may need to bring your own tools. Many students find this to be a tough purchase upon graduation, often causing them a delay in finding employment. 

As mentioned above, when you graduate from CAU’s Aviation Maintenance Technology program, you receive a 263-piece Sonic Tools toolkit. Valued at $6,000, these tools can help you to get started on your future career. 

With this toolkit, you can be fully prepared on day one of your new career – without having to make the expense yourself out of your own pocket. 


Want to Learn More? 

If you are interested in becoming a student at California Aeronautical University so that you may one day be able to keep a fleet of aircraft running smoothly, then why not apply? Now is the perfect time to do so. 

Gain the training and skills necessary to excel in this industry. Our accelerated program and ability to live on-campus can give you just what you need in the right amount of time. 

Consider scheduling a campus tour to learn more about our Aviation Maintenance Program, and get an up-close and personal look at what it has to offer. Contact us today to learn more. 

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