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Three things you need to know about getting your BS in Aviation Business Administration

To kick-start your Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Business Administration, here are the three things that you need to know!

First, you need to know what qualifications are required for administrative personnel in the aviation industry. Most of these positions include, but are not limited to administrative assistants, data entry workers, public relations specialists, and those who work in the human resources department. The duties of an administrative personnel vary by position but often include transcribing executive correspondence, data entry, filing paperwork, backing up computer files, scheduling and organizing or coordinating meetings, ordering supplies, and making executive travel arrangements.

Many of these roles require the applicant to have a bachelor’s degree in the related field from an accredited program. Aviation, airport and airline experience is usually preferred and strong analytical and problem solving skills with supported written and verbal communication skills.

Secondly, aside from pilots, the aviation industry needs professionally trained individuals to manage airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturing facilities and operations. CAU’s Aviation Business Administration baccalaureate degree program offers many courses that range from Principles of Management to Aviation Communication Methods. Our courses prepare students for a variety of careers within the aviation industry.

Lastly, there are multiple benefits in being in the aviation industry and not having to be a pilot. Many of the skills and tasks associated with administrative personnel positions are not used exclusively in the airline industry and so a person can advance to senior positions from there to almost anywhere. Since many of the courses we offer consist of accounting, management, statistics, human resources, micro and macroeconomics, software programs, and communications, these are all skill-sets that are important when applying for entry-level supervisory or managerial positions within or outside of the aviation industry!

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3 thoughts on “Three things you need to know about getting your BS in Aviation Business Administration”

  1. Good day!

    I want to ask if a Color Blind person can pursue his/her career in BS Aviation Business Administration and how this condition would affect their career in the future. Thank you .

  2. Hi,
    I was wondering if it is difficult to become a pilot and study Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Business Administration.

  3. Hi Varshni,

    We do everything we can to help aspiring aviation professionals meet their education goals. I would suggest giving us a call so one of our admissions staff members can give you more details on our programs: (661) 615-5915

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